Akila Berjaoui's debut photography book 'The Last Days of Summer' is a celebration of the Australian summer and its fleeting beauty. Through minimalist and intimate portraits, as well as candid beach scenes, she captures the essence of youth, freedom, and the warmth of the season.
Her use of natural light and simple compositions created a timeless quality in her work. Each image tells a story that invites the viewer to imagine themselves in the moment, capturing the sensuality and intimacy of the season. What makes Berjaoui's work particularly notable is her ability to create a connection between the viewer and her subjects. The images are unguarded and authentic.
In addition to the stunning photography, Last Days of Summer also includes personal essays by Akila Berjaoui and other writers, reflecting on the meaning of summer and its importance in our lives. These essays add depth and context to the images, reminding us that summer is more than just a season; it is a state of mind.
Berjaoui's first book is a stunning tribute to the beauty of youth, the warmth of the Australian summer, and the power of photography to capture the essence of a fleeting moment.




Lila P
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