In his groundbreaking photography book 'Tropisms', acclaimed photographer Pierrot takes readers on a mesmerizing visual journey, he sets the stage with a profound text that illuminates the intimate connection between his approach, the works of Nathalie Sarraute, and the extraordinary expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl.

Pierrot's lens captures the essence of nature's responses to stimuli, mirroring the exploration of human behavior found in Sarraute's literary masterpiece. Each photograph in "Tropisms" unveils the intricate dance between light, texture, and the ever-shifting elements, evoking a deep sense of connection between the artist and the natural world. Pierrot's approach echoes Sarraute's exploration of subtleties, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound interplay of forces that shape our environment.



Fascinated by Thor Heyerdahl's extraordinary adventures, Pierrot infuses his work with a sense of audacious exploration. Each photograph in "Tropisms" becomes a window into remote landscapes and seascapes, echoing Heyerdahl's relentless curiosity and thirst for discovery. As viewers immerse themselves in the book, they embark on their own imaginative voyage.

Pierrot's masterful compositions and thoughtful lighting techniques bring the pages of "Tropisms" to life. Every image freezes a fleeting moment, inviting contemplation of the transient beauty that surrounds us. Through the book's visual tapestry, Pierrot highlights the fragility of existence and encourages a profound appreciation for the delicate balance of the natural world.


Pierrot Tropisms
 'Tropisms' is intertwining Natalie Sarraute's exploration of human behavior with the daring spirit of Thor Heyerdahl's adventures. The book stands as a testament to the depth of Pierrot's vision, illuminating the wonders of nature and inviting viewers to embrace their own transformative experiences. With each turn of the page, this book immerses us in a captivating visual delight. 




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