1. Can you tell us a little about your background and how you became a photographer?
I have been involved in professional photography for about 8 or 9 years. Since I was a little girl, I was always attracted to art and creative expression, but this side was put on hold when I started high school. I decided to study as a nursing assistant for work reasons, not for vocation, and worked in that field for about 15 years in a tattoo studio as a bander. It was in that environment that I became interested in photography again. I felt as if my most creative self had awakened again and that it was time to resume the dialogue with the world in an artistic way. Despite not being able to formally study photography due to my work and schedule, I started capturing my surroundings and practicing online whenever I had the chance. And so, little by little, I discovered my style and my voice in this art that I am so passionate about.



2. How would you describe your artistic style and approach to photography?
My artistic style focuses on emotional expression and creativity through photography. My work consists of capturing imaginary works that go beyond reality, using editing and manipulation techniques to create unique images. One of the most distinctive characteristics of my work is the color composition, as I believe it has a great impact on the way viewers perceive my images. I am a visual artist and photographer who is characterized by being emotionally expressive, creative and with a focus on color composition as a distinctive element in my work.

3. Your floral photography is particularly stunning. Can you share some insights into your creative process and techniques for capturing the beauty of flowers?

Since my beginnings in photography, flowers have been present in my work without me being aware of it. Looking through my old photographs, I realized that in my portraits, I always included a flower as a compositional element next to the person portrayed. During the post-pandemic era, I immersed myself in the photographic exploration of flowers. It was after reading Patti Smith's "Just Kids" that I discovered Robert Mapplethorpe's floral universe and was inspired to start my project "Flora and Nostalgia", which will soon see the light of day in a tangible form.
This floral project has given me the opportunity to better understand the use of artificial light, something I had not worked with before. As for the creative process, it has evolved as I have been buying flowers, always following the season and thinking about what colors would fit best. Creating these images is a solitary process, as I spend many hours on each flower. However, getting close to them and portraying them allows me to be in contact with nature in a special way. It has taught me how, in something so fragile and small, an entire universe can be housed, and I have learned a lot about their care and needs.

4. Your portraits are also incredibly vibrant and colorful. How do you work with your subjects to bring out their unique personalities and styles?

For me, color composition is a fundamental part of my photography, and I try to apply this same attention to detail in my portraits. To bring out the unique personalities and styles of my subjects, I look to create vibrant and colorful settings, using costumes or elements that accompany the person in the image.
In addition, during the photo shoot, I try to establish a relaxed and calm atmosphere to direct in a friendly and empathetic manner. I believe that when the person feels comfortable and confident, their unique personality and style can naturally shine through in the photograph. Ultimately, my goal is to capture not only the physical appearance of my subjects, but also their essence and personality through composition, mood and direction in the session.

5. What do you hope to convey or evoke with your photographs?

With my photographs, I hope to transmit my imaginary and personal universe. Photography for me is a very visceral form of artistic expression, reflecting my mood and emotions at a given moment. If I am feeling happy, my colors are vibrant and colorful, and if I am going through a sadder stage, the colors lose intensity.
In addition, I also hope to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, whether it is a personal connection to the image or an aesthetic appreciation. Each photograph I create is unique, with its own story and symbolism, and I seek to convey that message clearly and powerfully through the image. My goal is for my photographs to be a source of inspiration and emotion for those who view them.

6. Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers, especially those looking to develop their own style and voice?
As advice to aspiring photographers, especially those who want to develop their own style and voice, first of all, I would recommend practicing a lot and having fun in the process. Practice is essential to improve in any artistic discipline and having fun is an essential ingredient to maintain interest and passion for what you do.
In addition, it is important to maintain a curious attitude and always be willing to learn, explore and experiment with new techniques, formats and themes. In this sense, photography is a very versatile discipline that allows the combination of different techniques and styles to create something new and personal.
In terms of developing your own voice and distinctive artistic style, my advice is to be as authentic and true to yourself as possible. That is, don't try to imitate or copy other photographers, but rather look for inspiration in what moves and moves us. It is also important to know and explore different genres and techniques of photography to find what really excites us and makes us unique.
Finally, I think it is important to remember that photography is a form of artistic expression that allows us to communicate and transmit our emotions, thoughts and ideas through images. Therefore, it is essential to have something to say and want to convey through our photographs. In short, my advice would be to follow your passion, have fun, push yourself and never stop learning and experimenting on your way to developing your own photographic style and voice.

7. What are some of your upcoming projects or collaborations that you are excited about?

Currently, I am excited about the launch of my project "Flora and Nostalgia", which will include a series of prints and an editorial book. It has been a very personal and meaningful project for me, so I am really enjoying the whole creative process involved in its launch.
As for collaborations, I have several in the works that are very important to me, but for the moment I can't advance any more details. I hope to be able to share more information soon. In general, I am always open to collaborations and new projects that allow me to continue exploring and expanding my art.

8. In addition to photography, what other art forms or creative pursuits do you enjoy?

Besides photography, I love to explore other art forms and creative activities. Lately I have been very interested in graphic design, as it allows me to experiment with editing and designing my photographs in a different way. I also like to draw and paint in my spare time, which helps me relax and find inspiration for my photography projects.
As for photography, I have a great passion for portraying places and people that inspire me. I would love to have the opportunity to photograph stunning natural places and document people and their cultures in different parts of the world. I feel that these projects would allow me to grow as a photographer and as a person, while allowing me to share my vision of the world through my lens.



Jonathan Zaoui
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