Gunter Sachs - Licht Bilder

"Licht 'Bilder" is a collection of works by German photographer Gunter Sachs (1932 -2011). His mother was the daughter of the founder of the car manufacturer OPEL, and his father was the son of a major German auto parts manufacturer. Most famously, he was the ex-husband of Brigitte Bardot, one of the leading sex symbols of the 20 century and an actress and model. He has a reputation for staging photos with the sky and the beach in the background, and these have attracted the attention of fashion magazines such as Vogue and Playboy. This book is a collection of works published in 1980. There are many fascinating illustrations carefully selected by the aesthetic eye of a man who knows the beauty of the real thing, from conceptual works that are objects of this period model to works with contemporary art style.



Condition: Used, pages in good condition, few wear stains on the endpages. Keep in mind that this book has been published in 1980.