Mike Slack - Pyramids

Pyramids builds on the striking Polaroid aesthetic of Mike Slack’s previous books, Ok Ok Ok (2002) and Scorpio (2006), rounding out a trilogy of stand-alone volumes that together contain 123 pictures. This collection records everyday details of what could be a recent past or a very near future—a dust storm in the desert, simple geometry, stairways and windows, schoolchildren on a field trip—quietly dramatic scenes energized by a sense of anticipation rather than nostalgia. Presented as physical artifacts of fictitious events to be deciphered by the viewer, the pictures also document the travels, observations and graphic fixations of the photographer, centering on a set of three identical early-70’s office buildings (in Slack’s hometown of Indianapolis), from which the book takes its title.


Format: Hardcover

Year: 2009

Condition: New