Fulfill the Dream is a documentary photobook by Polish photographer Magdalena Wosinska that captures the American skate culture of the ‘90s through color and black-and-white snapshots. The scene’s energy, creativity, and rebellious spirit influenced fashion, music and artistic expression, shaping a generation of American underground youth. The book features Chad Muska, Austyn Gillette, Jim Greco, Harold Hunter, Ed Templeton, Eric Ellington, Ali Boulala, and many other influential skaters.

Beyond the book’s broader examination of American skate subculture, Wosinska’s project is a deeply personal journey through her teenage years and an exploration of what it means to be a misfit in a world of misfits. She presents some of her first photographs, taken at the age of 14.

Format: Hardcover

Condition: New

Publisher: Homecoming Gallery

Year: 2024