Irving Penn - Passage

"At age 74, reflecting on a career that spans more than half a century, one of the foremost photographers of our time has brought together for this book the images that most powerfully speak for him over the years. He has accompanied them with his own recollections.

Irving Penn’s wide-ranging work here richly represented, includes his notable photographs for Vogue magazine: his portraits of the great, the celebrated, and the anonymous; his photographs of elegant women in New York and Paris fashions; and his celebrations of men, women, and children in faraway villages, jungles, and savannahs on five continents. Here, too, are examples of Penn’s private research and photographic obsessions—pictures of street refuse, of animals skulls, of the female nude, and of his memento mori. There is, as well, a group surprising recent drawings, shown for the first time." The publisher

Format: Hardcover

Year: 1991

First Edition

Condition: Very Good