Robby Müller: Polaroid: Exterior / Interior

Known for his pioneering camerawork and virtuoso lighting, Robby Müller (1940-2018) was one of the most important cinematographers in modern film history. His special vision imprinted itself in modern cinema over the course of a long, illustrious career marked by Müller's long-term collaborations with directors such as Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch and Lars von Trier. As he worked, Müller maintained his own working archive, keeping Polaroid photographs, letters, notes from directors, and his own musings and photographs from set. In 2016, this material was presented in a major exhibition at the EYE Film Museum Amsterdam, accompanied by the premier publication of the Polaroids. Now back in print for the third time, Polaroid is a two-volume slipcased set of Müller's Polaroids, divided into Exterior and Interior, which offers the opportunity to reassess his photographic work, characterized by the same poetic aesthetic that infused his films.


Publisher: Walther Konig Verlag

Year: 2024

Condition: New