Romain Laprade - Distances Vol II

After Palm Springs, No Water, Distances, and Royan, Laprade regroups his latest frames in a new book, Distances Vol II. He continues the recollection of traveling fragments from California, Lanzarote, or Italy through harmonious shapes and urban layers. Laprade decentralizes the concept of surroundings, his images inhabiting the same relaxed aura. Details from the dining table match dreamy window views as much as contrasting colors align with hues from nature. 

«Distances represent many unrelated locations, far from home, far from each other but working harmoniously in my book. I wanted a title that reflects the concept behind traveling, the immensity of the world, variety of the world, and also a title that could be understandable in French and English. It has the same word and the same meaning in each language».

The universality is a key element in Laprade’s visual language as well. He slowly decomposes what he sees, only to compose a personal space, a private city we get glimpses of in his photographs. 


Format: Softcover

1st Edition 

Year: 2022

Publisher: Yvon Lambert

Condition: New