Stephen Shore - Transparencies: Small Camera Works 1971-1979

Transparencies: Small Camera Works offers an alternative account of one of the most fabled episodes in photographic history: Stephen Shore’s luminous, Uncommon Places. Alongside his large-format camera, he also brought a 35mm Leica with him on his journey across the USA. The images made with it, on color slide film, are intimate, spontaneous and personal. However, they still retain Shore’s studied formal sensitivity. In these entirely unseen photographs, a parallel iteration of an iconic vision emerges. Instead of feeling like a B-Side this book stands alone as a great body of work.

The imagery is familiar: highways and homes, phone boxes, fast food and sun-strewn parking lots. But the alternative format unmistakably re-envisions these subjects through distinct experiments with the medium. This new book uncovers both a detail-oriented survey of America in the 1970s. As well as a rigorous, imaginative exercise in form by an undisputed modern master.


Format: Hardcover

192 pages

Year: 2020 

Condition: New