The Last Photographic Heroes

The photography that Americans invented in the 1960s and 1970s was as fresh and vital as their music. Photographers of those years believed in their mediums unlimited capacities of expression. Between the publication of Robert Frank The Americans (1958) and the coming of post-modernism, the photographers featured in this book embarked on their own personal quests. Whether they roamed the world, like Lee Friedlander and Garry Winogrand, or sought out its dark corners, like Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, they shared a fierce devotion to their medium and its unique qualities.

The generation that created this work knew it was remarkable. Today, with Gilles Mora as a guide, we can look back on it with even greater appreciation, since we know that these were indeed the last photographic heroes. Also includes work by Joel Meyerowitz, William Eggleston, and many others.


Format: Hardcover

Condition: Good

Publisher: Abrams